Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Todays Video/Picture!/Song!

The Today's Song is right above! Its Called, I'd Lie. By Taylor Swift!

Above is Today's Picture. It is a rare image off of Red. It was going to be used for Holy Ground, but then they had Taylor do a back-up image. They used the back up one!

Above is Taylor's music video for Begin Again. She filmed it in Paris, France. And she wore beautiful dresses, and the music video is purly amazing.


Today is just a boring day, sort of. So I thought I would answer lots of stuff. I got 6 questions last night! Thank you!! So I'll answer them and I also got 5 comments about Taylor.

Question: Is Taylor doing the T-Party for the next tour?

Answer: Yes. There is a picture her crew siting it up with the red album every wear

Question: What's Taylor's favorite color?

Answer: purple or red.

Question: How old is Taylor and when is her B-Day?

Answer: 23. December 13th.

Question: what's the tparty?

Answer: It's like a little fort se sets up backstage after the show.
Fans get invited if they are really cool!

Question: Does Taylor have any pets?

Answer: YES!!! Her Cat MEREDITH!! The adorable fetch playing cat!!

Question: Is Haylor (Taylor and Harry) Real?

Answer: Yes.. Yes. And Taylor is not using him for fame.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Some Cool Fetures!

Hi! So I wanted to tell you a little more about this blog. Besides a place to share stories, pics, vids, ext, it is also a Q&A (question and answer) blog. So ask anything that has to do with Taylor Swift. On the Taylor Swift website ( ) my username is LongLiveSummer13. So you can message me questions. Also you can message me comments about Taylor, good or bad, I will post them on here, but no one will no who they came from. Or, you could ask or share a secret in a comment on here,  and I will delete the comment. Thanks!

Question: Was Taylor with Harry New Years Eve?

Answer: Yes, they had there midnight kiss! Yay for Haylor!
This is perfect! I love the accusitc for 22!

Its OUR Dream To Meet Taylor Swift

I've had a huge dream for so many days of my life. I am SO young (11) but I still dream. Lately (6 years) my dream has been to meet Taylor Alison Swift. Yes, that girl. The dirty blonde hair girl, 4 albums, award-winning, perfect, amazing, person. Thats her! So, honestly, I want to meet her. Not to say I did it, but for to thank her. Its OUR dream.

I'll post everyday. Pictures! videos! Storys! All for Taylor! OUR dream to met her.