Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Today is just a boring day, sort of. So I thought I would answer lots of stuff. I got 6 questions last night! Thank you!! So I'll answer them and I also got 5 comments about Taylor.

Question: Is Taylor doing the T-Party for the next tour?

Answer: Yes. There is a picture her crew siting it up with the red album every wear

Question: What's Taylor's favorite color?

Answer: purple or red.

Question: How old is Taylor and when is her B-Day?

Answer: 23. December 13th.

Question: what's the tparty?

Answer: It's like a little fort se sets up backstage after the show.
Fans get invited if they are really cool!

Question: Does Taylor have any pets?

Answer: YES!!! Her Cat MEREDITH!! The adorable fetch playing cat!!

Question: Is Haylor (Taylor and Harry) Real?

Answer: Yes.. Yes. And Taylor is not using him for fame.

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